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Highland Park youth librarian Hannah Grasse watches over participants at the library’s Nailed It! event as they grabbed cupcakes, Jan. 30, at the Highland Park Public Library. Photos by Erin Yarnall/22nd Century Media
Sadie Finkelhsteyn, 9, of Deerfield, reaches for candy to use as a unicorn’s horn.
A perfectly-crafted cupcake at the event.
A cupcake still in the works of being completed.
Finkelhsteyn and her friend, Violet Dainas, 9, of Highland Park, work on their cupcakes.
Grasse sets up trays of cupcakes for participants to use.
Several of the ingredients that could top the cupcakes.
Staff Report
2:23 am CST February 10, 2020

Highland Park kids work on a cupcake project at the Highland Park Public Library’s Nailed It! event, Jan. 30.