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Event organizers Dr. Geeta Maker Clark (left to right), Char Walker, Metro owner Joe Shanahan, Patricia Piant, Dr. Leslie Mendoza-Temple and Laura Sbertoli smile at the Sons of the Silent Age concert, Jan. 11 at the Metro in Chicago. Photos submitted
Sounds of the Silent Age, accompanied by actor Michael Shannon (center) perform at the concert.
Musician Chris Connelly, the former frontman of Ministry, leads the band during the David Bowie concert.
Erin Yarnall, Editor
2:13 am CST January 19, 2020

A crucial part of living with a cancer diagnosis is after receiving treatments, patients need to figure out a way to comfortably live. 

NorthShore University HealthSystem’s integrative medicine team helps patients in the North Shore deal with that.

By providing treatments like acupuncture and specialized massage therapy, the integrative medicine team aids patients in finding comfort during a painful and difficult point in their lives.