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Highland Park City Councilwoman Alyssa Knobel speaks, Aug. 6, at the City’s National Night Out event. (Photos by Mairead Kahn/22nd Century Media)
Arthur and Sam Becker try out some of the trucks at the Touch-a-Truck portion of the event.
Charlotte Brown tries on a fireman’s hat at National Night Out.
Dylan Weininger pets animals at a petting zoo during the event.
Hilary Anderson, Freelance Reporter
2:05 am CDT August 13, 2019

Highland Park’s annual National Night Out was part of a national effort to show the partnership between members of its police force and the community. The event was held Aug. 6 and hosted by the City and the police department.

The hundreds of residents and dozens of police officers who gathered on the city’s front lawn and adjacent areas to enjoy the activities made it obvious the support and relationship with each other already was already there.