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Highland Park resident Julia Eisenberg poses near her homemade Positive Pebblez, which retail for $2.99 at Ross Cosmetics and Boutique. Photos submitted
Portions of the pebble sales go toward the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation.
Erin Yarnall, Editor
2:29 am CST February 9, 2020

Ravinia Elementary School student Julia Eisenberg has always been crafty, according to her mom, Amy Eisenberg.

“Since forever, she’s always had amazing, creative ideas,” Amy said. “They come out of nowhere.”

She’s taken one of her most recent ideas, Positive Pebblez, and is doing some good with it.

Julia has been creating Positive Pebblez, magnetized buttons with positive slogans, quotes and images on them, and selling them to raise money for the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation.