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Tom Garrity, the owner of The Toadstool Pub, stands with the bar’s pumpkin. Photos submitted
The Toadstool Pub in Highwood annually raises money for Tri-Con Child Care Center in Highland Park through having customers purchase guesses for how much the pumpkin weighs.
Erin Yarnall, Editor
2:22 am CDT October 15, 2019

Year after year, Tom Garrity, a Highwood resident and the owner of The Toadstool Pub, noticed that his friend, John ‘Mina’ Minorini bought a massive pumpkin and displayed it in his front lawn.

Five years ago, Minorini offered up the gargantuan gourd to Garrity to display at his Highwood pub, and Garrity couldn’t turn down the offer.

Garrity thought that customers would be enticed to come in to look at the pumpkin and take pictures with it.