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Wilmette crossing guard Conrad Wolski, 82, gets out of his new car, purchased at Highland Park’s Muller Honda, and waves to the gathered crowd Nov. 13 at Harper School. Photos by Hilary Anderson/22nd Century Media
Wolski has been a crossing guard at Hunter and Thornwood for many years.
Hilary Anderson, Freelance Reporter
2:13 am CST December 3, 2019

Goodness abounds in the North Shore community.

The caring by many recently became evident when Conrad Wolski, 82, a crossing guard at Wilmette’s Thornwood and Hunter roads for the past 16 years, was in an automobile accident that totaled his 13-year-old car. 

“He was worried he would no longer have a way to get to work,” said Aimee Prunier Stoltz, one of the neighbors whose daughter Wolski crosses twice a day on her way to and from Wilmette’s Harper School as he did for her older son.