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Highland Park City Councilman Alyssa Knobel displays a T-shirt that will be placed in the City’s time capsule, set to be opened in 2069, at a City Council meeting, Nov. 12. Photos by Ella Lee/22nd Century Media
Councilman Daniel Kaufman holds up a copy of the 2019 budget that will be placed in the time capsule.
Several of the items that will be placed in the time capsule were on display at the meeting.
Ella Lee, Freelance Reporter
2:17 pm CST November 13, 2019

The contents of the Bicentennial Time Capsule were presented at a city council meeting Nov. 12 where the sale of recreational marijuana within city limits was officially banned, creating a juxtaposition of excitement for the future and fear of being stuck in the past among councilmen and citizens alike.

“One of our final tasks for the sesquicentennial was putting together a time capsule that represents our community today,” said Mayor Nancy Rotering. “This capsule shows that we’re passionate on planning for the future.”