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The cheese with avocado arepa ($7) is one of four arepa dishes offered by Arepie, which opened Labor Day weekend in Glencoe. (Photos by Peter Kaspari/22nd Century Media)
In addition to arepas, Arepie also serves pan de jamon. The variety pictured contains olives.
The ham, egg and cheese arepa ($7) is one that Mitchell Estrada, who started Arepie, said is a lighter option available for breakfast.
The ham and cheese arepa ($7) is available at the recently-opened Arepie in Glencoe.
Eric DeGrechie, Managing Editor
2:28 am CDT September 23, 2019

Glencoe residents Mitchell Estrada and Maria Jose Guerra Garcia are a passionate couple. 

Whether they’re talking about food, the North Shore or their home country of Venezuela, the husband-and-wife team light up with energy and enthusiasm. 

That’s why it should be no surprise that their joint venture, Arepie, in partnership with Glencoe’s Tudor Wine Bar, is off to a rousing start.