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Northwood Junior High School students Elly Luckman (left to right), Lili Braverman and Leah Schultz stand on the red carpet with their Oscars, May 6, at the Reel 112 Film Festival. (Photos by Erin Yarnall/22nd Century Media)
Edgewood Middle School student Spencer Sabath (left to right), teacher Elaine Allison, student Evelyn Gehrig and student Jacob Hoyt smile at the festival.
Leah Schultz (left to right), Elly Luckman and Lili Braverman pose in front of the poster for “My Label,” the film that Luckman and Braverman worked on.
Posters for each of the films shown at the festival line the walls of the theater.
Erin Yarnall, Editor
2:06 am CDT May 17, 2019

While people are waiting to see what will become the next big summer blockbuster, Highland Park students had creative endeavors of their own to celebrate Monday, May 6 at the Reel 112 Film Festival.

The festival, in its fourth year, is held annually at the Landmark’s Renaissance Place Cinema in downtown Highland Park, and features work created by students at Edgewood Middle School and Northwood Junior High School.