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PHOTOS: You must be joking

by Staff Report News, Community

Highland Park kids take part in April Fool’s Day event, April 1, at the Highland Park Public Library.

Pet of the Week: Bamba

by Submitted Content News, Community

Submitted by the Marck family

This is our cat Bamba. We rescued him from Save a Pet in Grayslake. We named him Bamba because he is the same color as the Israeli peanut snack we love to eat called Bamba. We...

Easter Bunny has breakfast, spends time with local residents

by Hilary Anderson, Freelance Reporter News, Community

There was no mistaking the Bunny was there.

His bunny paw prints led up to the place where children and adults alike took advantage of the once a year occasion when the Bunny takes time off from his busy schedule to have breakfast with his...