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Old furnishings and other trash on the exterior of the rental home at 20 Acorn Lane has been a common violation that has drawn the attention of the City of Highland Park. (Photos submitted)
Tenants made complaints about the space between floorboards, saying it was dangerous for their children and fingers and toes could become trapped.
Gaps in the floorboards were large enough to fit fingers or toes, as evidenced by a former tenant's hand.
Complaints were filed with Azar about the space left open by the door to the property, allowing insects and rodents to enter.
The deteriorated corner in one area of the home.
Much of the soffit of the home is damaged and dangerous, one former tenant said.
A notice from the City of Highland Park to solve what multiple former tenants say is a common problem on the property.
Joe Coughlin, Publisher
5:20 am CDT July 18, 2018

Enjoying the comforts of a hotel can be a welcome novelty, but after a work relocation, Shannan Jeffers and family had been in one for months. They were ready — and excited — for check out.

The weeks of anticipation, however, quickly turned into weeks of dread.