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Come Together: Dr. Mark & the Sutures, Highland Park Strings play Beatles cover concert

August 14, 2018 by Erin Yarnall, Editor Life & Arts, The Arts

Highland Park resident Mark Hill believes he and Larry Block, a fellow Highland Park resident and the founder of the Highland Park Strings lead parallel lives.

“[Block] is an attorney,” Hill said. “I am a surgeon and a...

Unscripted: 'Mission: Impossible – Fallout' Is smart summer fun

by Adam Yuster, Freelance Reporter Life & Arts, The Arts

Since King Kong first rampaged through the streets of New York in 1933, collateral damage hasn’t really been a concern for moviegoers. We’ve seen the Titanic sink, the White House collapse, and the planet Alderaan get blown to bits,...

HP-based theatre company opens new play at Karger Center

by Erin Yarnall, Editor Life & Arts, The Arts

Unit 14 Theatre Company is waiting in limbo.

The company, comprised of actors, directors and crew members all under the age of 25, is currently renting space from the Karger Center, a building near downtown Highland...

HPHS marching band takes the stage at Ravinia for “Mass”

by Erin Yarnall, Editor Life & Arts, The Arts

For Welz Kauffman, the president and CEO of Ravinia Festival, “Mass” was a long time coming.

Kauffman had been a fan of recordings of the musical theatre work composed by Leonard Bernstein for “a long, long time,” he...