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Sophie Draluck donates tampons and pads to the Moraine Township Food Pantry in Highland Park on Aug. 15. (Photos by Erin Yarnall/22nd Century Media)
The trunk of Sophie Draluck’s car is filled with pads and tampons to donate to the Moraine Township Food Pantry on Aug. 15.
Highland Park High School junior Sophie Draluck places donated boxes of tampons on the shelves of the Moraine Township Food Pantry Aug. 15.
Erin Yarnall, Editor
4:50 pm CDT August 22, 2018

About a year and a half ago, Highland Park High School student Sophie Draluck read an article about school absenteeism increasing in some African countries, because female students felt too much shame to attend school when they had their periods.

The girls that Draluck read about didn’t have access to feminine products, like pads or tampons.

“That was sort of a wake-up call for me,” Draluck said.