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City councilman Adam Stolberg reads a statement at the exhibition of artwork by Santiago Polvos and Abdallahy at The Art Center on July 11. (Photos by Erin Yarnall/22nd Century Media)
Paintings by Santiago Polvos, a painter from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on display at The Art Center in Highland Park on July 11.
Susanna Rodriguez, a councilwoman from Puerto Vallarta, 4D artist Abdallahy and painter Santiago Polvos at The Art Center on July 11.
Erin Yarnall, Editor
5:32 am CDT July 20, 2018

For the past 18 years, Highland Park has had a sister in the Mexican city Puerto Vallarta.

The two cities have held a multitude of events and hosted visits throughout the years, the most recent being this past week when artists and officials from Puerto Vallarta came to Highland Park to celebrate Mexican art and the connection that the two cities have.

“Puerto Vallarta has been a wonderful partner because they are very enthusiastic about the relationship,” said Carol Wolfe, the president of Highland Park Sister Cities Foundation.