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Madelyn Waserman, 8, of Highland Park, points to her favorite works among the whimsical paintings of Green Bay, Wis. artist Melvin McGee at Highwood’s Starving Artists Show, Saturday, Sept. 29. (Photos by Claire Esker/22nd Century Media)
Monica Gajdel, of Deerfield, regards photography by David Harrison, of Franklin, Wis.
Frances McUlty, 2, of Highwood, with her face brightly painted, points out her favorite pieces by Chicago-based jewelry designer Vivian Huang.
Daniel I. Dorfman, Freelance Reporter
11:00 am CDT October 4, 2018

Highland Park jewelry maker Lynn Tatar stated a simple goal on why she was selling her bracelets and necklaces in her in initial appearance at the Highwood Starving Artists Show.

“I’d like to go home with nothing,” she said of her initial time at the show.