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Deacon Patricio William Batuyong
Rev. John Edward Hefferan
Rev. Robert Louis Kealy
Rev. Emmanuel Pallikunnen
Rev. James Steel
Eric DeGrechie, Managing Editor
9:33 am CDT March 25, 2019

Catholic clergy members from across Illinois, including five from Highland Park and Highwood religious institutions, were accused of sexual misconduct in a 182-page report published Wednesday, March 20, by the Minnesota-based law firm Jeff Anderson and Associates. 

According to The Anderson Report on Child Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese and Dioceses in Illinois, the release of the report, which includes nearly 400 names of Catholic clergy in the state, is intended to “raise awareness about the important issues of sexual abuse, provide the public with vital information including assignment histories, and provide awareness and healing to survivors of sexual abuse.” The law firm claims that the dioceses in Illinois have not publicly made available the full histories and their knowledge of their sexually abusive agents and employees. 

The clergy named in the report worked in the Archdiocese of Chicago and the dioceses of Belleville, Joliet, Peoria, Rockford and Springfield. 

Some of the allegations previously have been reported by 22nd Century Media, parent company of The Beacon, and other publications in some cases predating this company. Some of the allegations also have been publicly reported by various dioceses or archdioceses.

The five former priests include Deacon Patricio Willian Batuyong, who served at Ft. Sheridan CHapel from 1984 to 1987; Rev. Robert Louis Kealy, who served at Immaculate Conception from 1992 to 2001; Rev. Emmanuel Pallikunnen, who was at Immaculate Conception; Rev. John Edward Hefferan, who served at St. James from 1981 to 1985 and Rev. James Steel, who served at St. James from 1968 to 1974.

There were also priests from other North Shore communities in 22nd Century Media’s coverage area named including Wilmette, Lake Forest, Winnetka and Northfield.

In the wake of the release of the Anderson Report, the Archdiocese of Chicago released a statement. 

It noted that the Archdiocese of Chicago does not “police itself” and reports all allegations to the civil authorities, “regardless of the date of the alleged abuse, whether the priest is a diocesan priest or religious order priest, and whether the priest is alive or dead.”

In the statement, the Archdiocese of Chicago accuses Anderson & Associates of conflating people who have been accused, “but may be innocent, with those who have substantiated allegations against them, referring to all as perpetrators.” 

The Archdiocese of Chicago refers to its Independent Review Board, which was established in 1993 and is the primary adviser to the archbishop on issues of risk to children and fitness for ministry, according to the statement. After the civil authorities have completed their investigation, the Archdiocese conducts its own through the Independent Review Board. 

In 2018, the State of Illinois Office of the Attorney General released findings from its own four-month investigation into Catholic clergy sexual abuse. According to the Anderson Report, the attorney general’s review determined that the Illinois dioceses had received allegations related to sexual abuse for approximately 690 clergy, but only publicly identified 185 clergy as being “credibly” accused of sexual abuse. 

The Anderson Report lists those identified by the dioceses and more than 200 additional clergy members. The firm hopes to continue its “Fight for 500” statewide initiative which seeks to “uncover the identities and information about the more than 500 alleged predator priests the Illinois Attorney General reported are being hidden by Illinois Bishops.”

Highland Park priests accused

• Deacon Patricio William Batuyong (at Ft. Sheridan Chapel, 1984-1987; laicized in 1996; believed to have died in 2009)

• Rev. Robert Louis Kealy (at Immaculate Conception, 1992-2001; laicized in 2018; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

• Rev. Emmanuel Pallikunnen (Pallakunnel) (at Immaculate Conception; died 1978)

Highwood priests accused

• Rev. John Edward Hefferan (at St. James, 1981-1985; died in 2018)

• Rev. James Steel (at St. James, 1968-1974; laicized by church in 2001; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

Loyola Academy priests accused 

• Rev. Harry J. Barton, S.J. (at Loyola Academy, 1960, 1983-1988; died in 1988)

• Rev. Ignatius M. Burrill, S.J. (at Loyola Academy, 1964-1987; died in 1987)

• Rev. James A. Condon, S.J. (at Loyola Academy, 1958-1961; died in 1993)

• Rev. Gerald B. Garvey, S.J. (at Loyola Academy, 1935; died in 1960) 

• Rev. Robert J. Koch, S.J. (time at Loyola Academy, unknown; believed to have died in 1996)

• Rev. David F. McCarthy, S.J. (at Loyola Academy, 1965-1967; died in 1999)

• Rev. Donald J. McGuire, S.J. (at Loyola Academy, 1966-1971; died in 2017)

• Rev. Donald J. O’Shaughnessy, S.J. (at Loyola Academy, 1959-1965, 1968-1980, 1982-1990; died in 2013)

• Rev. M. Lawrence Reuter, S.J. (at Loyola Academy, 1972-1990; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

• Rev. Wilton L. Skiffington, S.J. (at Loyola Academy, 1956-1957, 1958-1966; died in 1988)  

• Rev. Gerald A. Streeter, S.J. (at Loyola Academy, 1963-1964; died in 1996)

Other Wilmette priests accused 

• Rev. David Francis Braun (at St. Francis Xavier, 1974-1984; died in 1997)

• Rev. Thomas Burg (Released From diocesan assignment at Loyola University Ministry in Wilmette, 1992-1994; died in 2002)

• Rev. Edmund F. Burke (at St. Francis Xavier, 1973-1984, died in 1989)

• Rev. George W. Klein (at St. Joseph Church, 1992-1996, at St. Francis Xavier Church 1997-2004; lived in Northbrook until 2017/current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

• Rev. John F. Rohrich (resided at St. Francis Xavier, 1973-1975; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

Lake Forest priests accused 

• Rev. Robert E. Mayer (at St. Mary, 1976-1981; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

• Rev. Michael W. O’Connell (at St. Mary Church, 1990-1993; at Lake Forest College, 1994-1995; currently assigned to St. Alphonsus in Chicago, where he has access to children)

Winnetka priests accused 

• Rev. Robert Louis Kealy (at Saints Faith, Hope and Charity, 2001-2002; laicized in 2018; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

• Rev. Robert Joseph McDonald (at Saints Faith, Hope and Charity, 1973-1975; laicized in 2016; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

• Rev. Thomas J. Swade (In 1997, the Archdiocese arranged for Fr. Swade to live in the rectory and assist with duties at Saint Faith, Hope and Charity Catholic Church. After forceful pushback from the church’s parishioners, the Archdiocese dropped the plan; laicized in 2010; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

• Rev. Michael Weston (at Sacred Heart, 1986-1988; laicized in 2009; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

Northfield priests accused 

• Rev. George W. Klein (retired at St. Philip the Apostle, 2005-2018; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

Glenview priests accused 

• Rev. Eugene P. Burns (at St. Catherine Laboure, 1961-1966; died in 2005)

• Rev. Walter G. DeRoeck (at St. Catherine Laboure, 1992-1996; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

• Rev. Jesus P. Garza (at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 1978; current whereabouts and access to children unknown)

• Rev. Robert J. Lutz (at St. Isaac Jogues, 1962-1966; died in 2006)

Northbrook priests accused

Rev. Robert Louis Kealy (at St. Norbert, 1971-72; whereabouts and whether he has access to children are unknown.)

Rev. Robert Joseph McDonald (at Our Lady of the Brook, 1979-85; laicized in 2016, was believed to be living in Washington, D.C. as of 1999. McDonald’s whereabouts and whether he has access to children are unknown.)

Rev. Robert J. Lutz (at St. Norbert, 1985-2005; died in 2006).