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Erin Yarnall, Editor
2:36 pm CST November 8, 2019

Kevin Higgins, 52, a Highland Park resident and Highland Park High School teacher, was charged on three counts of child pornography on Nov. 5, according to a Lake County court document.

Higgins has been on paid administrative leave since the Highland Park Police Department informed Township High School District 113 of its investigation on Oct. 8.

He has been employed by the district since 2010, according to the district, and at the time of his administrative leave was serving as a special education teacher.

According to the district, Higgins will remain on paid administrative leave throughout the duration of the police department’s investigation.

As of press time, there are no connections to any District 113 students, Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen said told The Highland Park Landmark.

“The only connection right now is that he is employed by District 113,” said Karen Warner, director of communications and alumni relations for District 113.

In a statement sent to District 113 parents on Nov. 6, Superintendent Bruce Law said they are still investigating Higgins, and District 113 will cooperate with the police department.

“District 113 stands ready to fully cooperate with law enforcement with respect to this matter, but because the current information indicates no involvement of District 113 or its students, the District has had minimal involvement in the criminal investigation,” Law said in the statement. 

Higgins was charged on three counts of child pornography because three images were found on his computer, according to Jogmen. 

According to court documents, Higgins had two images which “depicted or portrayed said child, actually or by simulation, engaged in any act of sexual penetration.” Another image was a photograph of an underage girl’s unclothed genitals.

He appeared in Lake County bond court on Nov. 6, where he was released on $200,000 bail by Associate Judge Paul Novak.

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