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The Highland Park Public Library contains 250,000 items, 28,000 of which are currently overdue. Colin Hanner/22nd Century Media
The Highland Park Public Library at 494 Laurel Ave in Highland Park.
Colin Hanner, Editor
8:00 am CDT May 11, 2016

When cardholders check out at the Highland Park Public Library, membership services manager Robin Smith knows very well it may not return on time. 

In fact, the library counts on it. 

“It’s a daily issue for me because I have to deal with the people who deal with fines,” Smith said. “It’s unfortunate that in the library world, the word that will come up on your account is the word ‘delinquent.’ In Highland Park, it’s taken personally. People are like, ‘I am not a delinquent, take this 10 cents.’ It comes up a lot.”