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Highland Park City Council: Council rejects RM2 rezoning request on Oakwood Ave.
Back in Time: Highland Park Woman’s Club
Fire department fights hoverboard fires with facts
Plan and Design Commission: Salt dome structure property rezoned
From the City: Legal Aid CLE, Highwood City Council
Highland Park man charged in Feb. 3 burglary
HP Park District: Park Avenue Beach finds harmony on both sides
Highland Park City Council: Park Avenue Beach finds a resolution
City works to enhance communication with public
From The City: Hoverboard fires, International Women's Day
Highwood to repaint and renovate city water tower
Plan and Design Commission: Dog-grooming service in talks to open shop
NSSD112: Board shows proposed design of middle school campus
From the City: New e-cigarette store, Highwood City Council
City of Highwood to vote on department’s future
HP Park District Feb. 23: Residents, board still at odds
New e-cigarette expected to open fourth store in Highwood
From the City: Emergency immigration toolkits, library
Highland Park City Council: Park Avenue Beach discussion still treading water
HP resident arrested for string of suburban burglaries
Lake County Jail: Highwood's Schenk charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault
Highland Park named in top-100 safest cities
Highland Park Plan and Design Commission: Salt dome proposal
From the City: Green Card approval, Highwood's new Board of Directors
HP Park District wins award for Rosewood Beach project