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Historic Preservation Committee: City denies alterations to Central Avenue landmark
City Council: Mayor Rotering announces ‘Fix-a-Leak-Week’
City commissions public art sculpture to celebrate sesquicentennial
City Council OKs preliminary plan for Karger Center site
Highwood keeps property tax levy flat
Highland Park featured in Bloomberg’s ‘Richest Places’ list
City postpones decision on Central Avenue home
City Council: Rotering discusses ‘milestone’ 2018 in address
Highland Park required to address affordable housing shortage
Preliminary plan for Karger Center redevelopment receives green light with mixed reviews
Weather-inspired artwork placed on display in City Hall
City Council approves $80K arch for city’s 150th birthday
City gives updates on Highlands neighborhood 2019 projects
Residents express discontent over Karger Center plans
City Council: City approves development at Arlyn School
Highland Park City Council: Proposed tax levy to increase by 6.1 percent
PHOTOS: Honoring the troops
City Council: Highland Park mayor lauds $79.7M budget proposal for 2019
City Council: Police department increases security at houses of worship
City approves special use permit for car dealership
City partners with Park District to find beach parking solution
City Council: City denies flood plain request
City Council: City denies donated cow sculpture
Plans outlined for apartments at Karger Center site
City Council: City approves resolutions on beach improvement and city construction