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The Cowboy Bowl ($9.50) is one of the most popular Buddha Bowls served at Forest Greens Juice Bar. It contains rice, quinoa and Cowboy Caviar (tomatoes, black-eyed peas, beans, corn, onions, bell peppers). Photos by Peter Kaspari/22nd Century Media
Included among the fresh and ready items at Forest Greens Juice Bar are egg salad, made with organic eggs; non-tuna salad, made with chickpeas; and non-chicken salad, made with cucumber ($10.25 each).
Forest Greens Juice Bar makes its own protein bars ($4).
The dessert items available at Forest Greens Juice Bar include Twix Bars (price varies) and peanut butter protein bars ($4), which are made fresh in the restaurant.
It wouldn’t be a juice bar without juice, and Forest Greens Juice Bar sells them in different varieties including the tropical refresher ($7.50).
Michal Dwojak, Contributing Editor
2:39 am CST March 2, 2020

Annemarie Ranallo was tired of health issues and wanted to find a different solution. 

The Lake Forest resident hated watching her oldest son battle eczema and asthma, with medicine doing little to help. So she took matters into her own hands, and started to learn other ways to help him.