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From the Editor

From the Editor: No shortage of passion

by Courtney Jacquin, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

In most years, local elections just aren’t as flashy or exciting as national elections.

Even though your local leaders no doubt affect your day-to-day life more than a president, senator or a governor, the races aren’t...

From The Editor: Secrets, secrets are some fun

by Courtney Jacquin, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

There’s the old adage we always learned growing up: “Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets are for everyone.”

Sometimes, however, this isn’t the case. And for the past few weeks, I’ve had a fun secret.


From The Editor: Election season is upon us, again

by Courtney Jacquin, Contributing Editor Opinion, From the Editor

When one door closes another door opens. Or, in our case, when one election ends another begins.

We’re now a little less than one month out from the April 4 election in Highland Park, and it’s a big one. When you go to...