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Frank Strang (left), played by Gabe Delli recounts a bizarre experience with Alan to Dysart, played by Gabe Newman (right); Seth Humerick (center), as Alan, acts out the scene. Claire Esker/22nd Century Media
Seth Humerick (center), as Alan Strang, attempts to cope with the stresses of a difficult job, surrounded by the ensemble cast in a rehearsal of ‘Equus’ Tuesday, Nov. 15. Claire Esker/22nd Century Media
Alan, played by Seth Humerick, meets Jill, played by Maddie Jaffe-Richter (center), for the first time.
Courtney Jacquin, Editor
6:30 pm CST November 23, 2016
“Equus” is not a show a high school theater programs typically take on. Then again, Highland Park High School is not your average theater program.