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Highland Park High School students Grace Kern (left to right), Gracie Dickman, Sarah Gar nkel and Isabel Tannenbaum perform “Tango”, a dance choreographed by guest choreographer Lilla Makkai Daniels during a dress rehearsal Wednesday, March 8 of HPHS and Dance HP in Concert’s “Coalescence.” photos by Courtney JaCquin/22nd Century media
Gracie Sclamberg performs a hip hop dance “Throwback” by guest choreographer Chris Xayarath.
Laney Smith (left to right) Kate Kramer and Lilly Dickman perform “Youth” by student choreographers Lexi Zdanov and Genevieve Sanders.
Emily Baum (left to right), Aspen Pasikov, Jasmine Lardizabal, Brissa Ramirez and Erin Tucker perform “Vibrant Courage” by guest choreographer Lauren Parets.
Dancers pose at the beginning of “Tango.”
Courtney Jacquin, Editor
12:03 pm CDT March 17, 2017
For Highland Park High School junior Ally Schulkin, being able to express her love of dance at school is important.