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A 14-year-old Highland Park girl reported missing on Nov. 15 has been found safe.

The Highland Park teen was reported missing at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 15, according to a press release from the Highland Park Police Department. Later that night, at 11:13 p.m., police sent out a follow-up press release stating that the girl had been found safe and unharmed.

Nicki Koetting
Ever since Marco Santi was in high school, he’s had a love for the restaurant business.
Courtney Jacquin

Kayla Fishbein, of Highland Park, earned a top composite score of 36 on a recent ACT test. Fishbein is a junior at Standford Online High School.

Nationally, less than one-tenth of 1 percent of students who take the ACT earn a top score. Among test takers in the high school graduating class of 2014, only 1,407 of nearly 1.85 million students earned a composite score of 36. 

Eric DeGrechie

Vender’s took first place for the Landmark's "How We Met Contest."

Every love story is unique.

To hear Scott Vender tell it, his was love from first sight in Skokie when he first laid eyes on Leslie. Scott entered the couple for The Landmark’s annual How We Met contest this year and took first place. Entries called for how you met your significant other in 400 words or less by Friday, Feb. 5. His story follows:

Colin Hanner

Highland Park resident and the owner of Highwood’s Miramar Bistro, Gabriel Viti, Jr., is one of the very few people in the world who has successfully swam across the English Channel.
On Aug. 7, Viti swam from England to France in 15 hours and 50 minutes.
Growing up, Viti was not an athletic swimmer. He didn’t swim for his high school or college swim team. It wasn’t even until 10 years ago when Viti learned how to swim competitively, for the first triathlon he competed in.
Viti’s string of athletic achievements started when he turned 40.

Jamie Bradley

Candies, gourmet foods, gift baskets and student survival boxes ship out of the Highland Park-owned Goodies every single day. 

“We send out thousands of baskets all over the country,” said Lisa Meitus, one of the store’s owners. “My FedEx driver tells us that we’re the largest shipper in Highland Park. And that’s how we survive — or thrive, I should say.”

Xavier Ward
Two people died after a fire engulfed a Highland Park home early Wednesday morning, according to the Lake County Coroner's Office.
Megan Bernard

Highland Park High School grad and Highwood resident Scott Wolf is making his Chicago theater debut this month.
Wolf graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in theater and a double major in psychology in June, and AstonRep Theatre’s upcoming production of “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” at The Raven Theatre in Chicago is Wolf’s first post-college professional production. He also works as an artistic associate at Profile Theatre, also in Chicago.

Jamie Bradley

Less than a year ago, when Amy Mayer was renovating her kitchen, she originally looked into having new cabinets made for her kitchen but found the cost to be high.

“For us at the time, it was a matter of either purchasing new cabinets or doing a renovation,” she said. “There was not enough [money] for both.

She then became interested in the idea of buying someone else’s kitchen and repurposing it.

Derek Wolff

You have to weather the storm to see the rainbow. 

Though Hope Firsel may never had heard this before, her struggle and celebration mirror the simple line. 

Colin Hanner